The roots are creative, as they persevere and firmly pass through the fractured layers of imposed walls and emerges, suddenly finding themselves in conquest of the new world.

 What is the path from Genesis to integration? Integration First requires outwitting the terminal gates. Starting out small by sending out one’s creative stems. Integration and adaptation are then set in motion to dig strong roots for a new initiative. They send out tendrils of creativity, slowly they creep through their new habitat as they refine themselves in their confines. In this adaptation process they learn to manipulate their own route whilst he becomes more resilient in this space, his stems begin to manipulate their form, opportunistic as ever they seize to their advantage. Suddenly their peduncles are on the verge of bursting out new life, new energy into this unfamiliar space. Upon mastery, despite the harsh restrictions of this space, these Creative’s roots have grown into a stronger body than perceived unimaginable. The landscape instinctively cultivates them with a prevalent turbulence, an omnipresent stress. This pressure is the secret to their evolution.Their green and fertile branches remain serene with firm initiative. Holding their space their visions take shape, defining their creative path they mature and bloom in unexpected ways-breeding new innovation.

Written by Sam Eyvaz, Developed by Margo Riordan

“Human chain between real World and Cyber World: From Virtual to Tangible.

The globalization of the real world we live in has been almost exploding in its speed and scale spatiotemporally in all the key aspects including business, economy, industry, education and culture, making it hard for human beings to recognize what’s going on and deal with it . Thus the links between the real world and conceptual world are getting weaker. The globalization is mainly driven by the Web-based activities in their cyberspaces creating cyberworlds as seen in e-business, e-commerce, e-manufacturing and cultural heritages through the Web and on the Web. Thus the links between the real world and cyberworlds are becoming tighter nonlinearly in time and space. It is now crucial to find a way to automatically integrate the dynamically changing worlds, namely the real world, cyberworlds and conceptual worlds, fast enough to cope with the rapid changes. It is a hard task owing to the vast complexity of the worlds to be integrated, and it requires an advanced abstraction modeling.”  

Guy André Boy

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